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2.0 Paperwork

In case any of you haven't seen the 2.0 paperwork we've posted them in the documents section of the Client Portal. Here's the big news... You get TWO PAGES for your resume! There are additional questions on the new resume that require more room, so you get more room. The social impact statement has just been renamed, everything is the same as the platform statement.

So what are these new questions? Here you go...

What can you do during your year to begin making a lasting impact on your community?

Other than scholarships, why are you choosing to participate in the Miss America program?

Describe the best use of your scholarships.

Why is talent an important part of the competition to you?

What would be the most important day to day activity you would do to advance your year as Miss America?

How would you best use social media to advance the job of Miss America?

The key to the old questions and the new questions is that you set yourself apart. The judges do not want to read the same phony answer on everyone's resume. So, be original! Think outside the box! We can help, but you are the key to differentiating yourself from the other contestants.

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