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The Perfect Interview Attire...

We receive lots of questions about the perfect interview attire and quite honestly it depends... I know, not what you wanted to hear. But it's true! It depends on what state you're in, if you're competing at a local or the state competition or even going on to Miss America. It depends on your skin tone, body type, height, etc. So while there isn't a one size fits all answer to what should I wear in interview, we can definitely help guide you with a few important points...

- Solid colors are best but also keep in mind what colors look best on you!

- Get your clothes tailored! A great dress is nothing if it doesn't fit you the front AND back.

- Shoes are just as important in interview as onstage - make sure you can walk confidently and stand strong.

- No bracelets, rings or large clanky earrings. Big distraction for the judges and 9 times out of 10 you'll fidget.

- Be mindful of necklines - most of what they see is waist or chest up - interesting necklines can be good!

- Hair...keep it out of your face. That doesn't mean put it up or back, just in a style that won't be in your eyes.

- Jumpsuits? Depends on the state, some just still are not ready for that much trendiness.

- Cutouts? Not in this system ladies...go to USA if you want to wear cutouts in your interview.

- We feel the same way with off the shoulder and cold shoulder styles...there's inherent sexiness in these.

- Strapless? It depends. We've seen strapless jumpsuits worn with hair down and a statement necklace.

- Find something unique...

- If you feel like a million bucks, most of the time that's all that matters.

And there's a dozen tips to get you started in your search for interview attire, but remember, interview attire is as personal as any other wardrobe decision and you have to feel fabulous to be at your most confident. Good luck and you know we're always here to help guide you!

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