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We got this question today and I thought it would make a great LG Notes blog post... "You both have what appears to be successful careers outside of pageantry, why do you still pursue this on the side?" Other than the fact that we love the MAO system, in particular, and are former contestants, local directors, state field directors, locals association officers and state CMN liaisons - we LOVE working with contestants and get so much JOY in YOUR success. That's why we started that we could work with even more contestants and help you realize your dreams in whatever system you compete in. Here's a throwback picture for some laughs...I was actually Jessica's Executive Director for one of her titles!

L-R: Newly crowned Jessica, Michelle making presentation

While we have great passion for interview, platform and writing paperwork we truly love all aspects of competition and therefore consult on every area. In addition, we've served as pseudo mom's, directors, therapists, etc. Especially, it seems, with our "Total Access girls." We know that keeping up with everything you do outside of pageantry and adding pageant prep on top of that can be overwhelming at best. We're here to help you set goals, give you reality checks, keep you focused on the blue chips (what really matters) and ensure you're not losing yourself in the process.

When we say, "Discover a New Way" we aren't kidding...we do things a little differently than 99% of coaches in the industry. We keep everything we do confidential, every client's prep is customized to their needs and you'll never, ever see us taking credit for your success. We will guide you, give you strong opinions, etc. But in the end, you are the one who executes and ultimately succeeds. We'll be crying tears of joy in the corner...proud "moms" over here.

And there you have it...why we do what we do. We love you guys and you have impacted our lives as much or more as we have impacted yours.

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