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Miss America Production

In the two weeks that have passed since the Miss America telecast there has been some harsh criticism of the telecast/production. One commentator went so far as to say that the reason Miss America is so stereotypical "pageant" and why they don't have better ratings is because the production/telecast are just SO cheesy. Another commented that the swimsuits looked like granny panties and that none of the contestants will look or feel their best with that much material! Yet another commented on how underwhelming most of the talents were after touting that talent is the one major difference that sets the Miss America Organization apart.

Do you think the telecast/production takes away from all the relevancy the local/state titleholders are trying to bring outside of the telecast? If you had the chance to produce the Miss America pageant, what would you change? What parts do you like? What parts do you dislike?

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