Scoring Guide to Miss America 2019

November 13, 2018


Confused on the scoring for Miss America 2019? You're not alone. Again, this was the official documentation given to the 2019 candidates prior to the competition.


"1. Personal Interview with Preliminary Judges - 20% | Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Interview Attire


● Allows insight into the contestants ability to fulfill the responsibilities outlined in the job description and national contract

● Provides the opportunity to learn as much as possible about the contestant’s qualities and attributes to fulfill the titleholder position

● Allows insight into the commitment to advance and execute on her social impact initiative and have a year of service not celebrity

● Allows insight into the commitment to continue her education

● Allows insight into the the ability to express and distinguish her beliefs and have a true knowledge of the world around her

● Ability to get sense of accomplishments above and beyond the resume


2. On Stage Interview | Preliminaries 15% | Final Night 25% | Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Interviewing for the Job


● Advancing the same criteria as the personal interview by bringing it on stage in an interactive and substantive highly energetic way to showcase each candidates’ intelligence, personality, charisma and aptitude for the job of Miss America

● Allows audiences in the Boardwalk Hall and those watching the broadcast to truly get to know the candidate

● Allows ability to see how these discussions take place in a public forum showcasing the greater ability to communicate., stage presence, commanding presence and relatability

● Allows ability to judge first impression reaction

● Allows ability to determine if the candidate can not simply answer the question asked, but build on a conversation from the personal interview

● Allows the ability to see interactivity and discussion

● Allows the ability to see if candidate can serve as a role model and is reflective of her generation


3. Evening Wear Competition - “On The Red Carpet” | Preliminaries 15% | Final Night 20% | Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Red Carpet Glamour


● Allows a look into a how the candidate exhibits her own personal style, attitude, personality, grace, presence and confidence while making her own statement about her mission for the job.

● Allows a look into composure, confidence, the attention she captures on the stage, her command of the stage, presence and how she appears in the spotlight

● Allows ability to judge first impression reaction

● Allows a look at posture and carriage

● Allows a chance to hear a candidate’s presentation of her social impact initiative for social media and in a different setting


4. Talent | Preliminaries 50% | Final Night 30% | Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Talent


● Allows insight into the contestant’s preparatory and performance skills

● Looks at selection of talent presentation as well as the performance

● Looks at interpretive ability and technical skill level including execution, technique synchronization and control

● Allows insight into stage presence and on-state personality

● Allows a look at the totality of the elements; Costume, Props, Music, Voice, Use of the Body and Choreography

● Looks for how enjoyable and relatable the performance is


5. Final Conversation for the Job | Final night only; Only for top finalists | Final ballot ranking | Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Dress for Success Final Interview


● Allows a final, highly energetic and challenging conversation with fellow candidates and the judges to determine who is the best candidate for the job

● Allows a look at the sense of composure in the final moments of decision

● Allows a look at interactivity with the judges and the audience

● Allows the top candidates to express why each is best for the job of Miss America and what each plans to do with the new job as well as after her year of service

● Allows top candidates to talk about career goals and how serving as Miss America will set the stage for becoming a future leader in the country

● Final ballot: Judges are to consider all factors and a candidate’s overall performance on the final night when ranking the top finalist candidates. This includes:

○ The totality of the above qualities and attributes of Miss America○ Her ability to perform critical marketing, brand management and advocacy responsibilities for the Miss America Organization○ Each judge must place the candidates in the specific order he/she believes they rank in their capacity to be Miss America


6. Composite Score After All Preliminaries by Preliminary Judges | Judges are to consider all factors and a candidate’s overall performance to date when assigning this composite score:


● The totality of the above qualities and attributes of Miss America

● Her ability to perform critical marketing, brand management and advocacy responsibilities for the Miss America Organization


Preliminary Winner Announcements and Crowning of Miss America 2019 - Wardrobe: Candidate’s Choice: Evening Wear


Final Night Scoring Entails:


○ Composite 25%

○ On Stage Interview 25%

○ Talent 30%

○ Evening Wear 20%

○ Final Personal Interaction on Job - Ranking/Final Ballot



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